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Panchagni ayurveda panchakarma center came into existence in year 188. It was established by Dr. N. Ramachandan Nair and Sudhakana Vaidyan. Panchangni ayurveda center is having more than 4 generation traditional background in ayurveda. At present our panel of ayurveda doctors are headed by Dr. R. Ajikumar [BAMS (22 years experience)], Dr. Ray Sudhan [BAMS (21 year experience)], Dr. R. Rajesh [BAMS(12 year experience)] and Dr. Ajan [BAMS(5 year experience)]. Our doctors are pioneers in panchakarma treatment, marma treatment, classical ayurvedic treatment, Kerala special traditional treatments, prakrithi analysis and in preparation of Ayurveda herbal medicines. Panchagni has a state-of-the-art modern panchakarma center with a traditional and classical treatment offering health care services and product through the use of the ancient and authentic Indian wisdom and sophisticated health care facilities.

Ayurveda prescribes many treatments for various medical conditions such as rheumatism, respiratory problems, blood pressure, cholesterol, paralysis etc. This system of medicine is special in that it makes use of only natural ingredients and as a result are totally harmless and at the same time highly curative.

  • Pizhichil
  • Njavarakizhi
  • Sirodhara
  • Sirovasthi
  • Udvarthanam
  • Abhayangam
  • Dhanyamladhara
  • Choornapindasweda
  • Jambeerapindasweda
  • Kadeevasthi
  • Ksheeradhara
  • Ksheeradhooma
  • Lepanam
  • Mamsakizhi
  • Pathrapotala Sweda
  • Pichu
  • Shashtikapinda Sweda
  • Siropichu
  • Sirovasthy
  • Thakradhara
  • Thalam
  • Thalapothichil

Meet Our Specialists

We have a team of experienced and qualified ayurvedic doctors to examine patients,diagnose the physical or mental alimnets and to prescribe appropriate ayurvedic medicines accordings to their body type and disease type we also have a team of qualified and experienced male thearpists for male patients and female thearpists for female patients.

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